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The Wise Way


Just like a car we need to do maintenance to keep ourselves on the road.  Unfortunately the miles add up and with more mileage we require more maintenance especially if we didn’t do any early on.  The great part with the human body is that it will respond if we start taking care of it.  It may not recover as fast as you might like but it will function better if you give it a chance.  


That means taking care of yourself—-drink water, eat right, avoid things we know are bad for us, stretch, exercise, lower your stress or find ways to deal with it.  Eat well, move well and think well equals BE WELL!  The recovery is not overnight because it has taken you your entire life to get where your are right now.  We are an accumulation of all the things we have done.  I believe in the doctor and patient working as a team to achieve whatever level of function the patient is looking for.  


I will only be with you for a short amount of time.  You are with you 24/7 so you are responsible for you recovery too.  I want to help your body get out of its own way and allow things to function.  Then you need tools to help maintain that function and assist in tuning up your nervous system with reasonable periodic treatments.  We will determine how much discomfort you are wiling to put up with how much work you are willing to put in for yourself and then figure out what it the least amount of care needed to maintain the maximum amount of function.



So many people today are dealing with jaw pain (TMJ Dysfunction). Most people don’t know what to do about it. This pain may be the result of poor posture especially while at a computer, looking at our “smart phones,” dental issues and stress(clenching/grinding) and not having good ways to reduce the stress. I have been working on patients jaws for over 22 years and have had great success with resolving pain and or improving function. This is also a common cause of headaches that are located in the temporal area or behind the eyes. 




This is an amazing experience for a woman but can be rough on her body. The hormones, weight changes, body shape changes and sleeping difficulties may cause several challenges with your body including:


  • Low back-pain – and soreness from change in weight distribution, sciatica pelvis- pain and soreness from change in weight distribution  

    Neck/Upper Back and Mid Back – from weight distribution, sleeping in unusual positions and lack of it feet-swelling pain and possible numbness

  • Hands – swelling, pain, numbness or carpal tunnel

  • All that is before delivery then it all changes in an instant when baby is born. This doesn’t even take into account the energy and resources your body is expending for you to make another human being.




The pelvis is so important for the transfer of force and stress from your upper body to our lower body. but also because of how it is affected during pregnancy. With gentle chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy it allows the pelvis to move better during delivery and assists in recovery after pregnancy.




Our feet are over worked and under paid! In other words..we neglect them terribly. We wear shoes that are too narrow and don’t let the joints move like they are designed. We don’t stretch and we have had injuries that “repair” but don’t recover. As we age the 3 arches in our feet “fall” naturally. When they fall the stresses in the foot change. Our body compensates but this effects everything up the kinetic chain all the way to your head. It’s true…EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!…and if your feet aren’t moving well the rest of you isn’t either!



Posture is a critical part of your health and is our bodies way of balancing against gravity. 

We have posture all the time both static (at rest) and dynamic (with movement). Computers have been a problem for a while but now with “smart phones” and more use of tablets and lap top computers our bodies hardly have a chance. Poor posture is becoming an epidemic and the upper back and neck is usually the first area effected. Changing your work environment, chiropractic adjustments and posture exercises are a great recipe for recovery and feeling better and staying that way!




sitting, bending, twisting, lifting, jumping, walking, crouching, running, raking, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping all these activities and more involve the low back. 

Most of the time we think of low back pain as coming from too much activity like “I lifted too much,” but often sitting at the computer all day can cause low back pain too. When we do the same activity over and over our body becomes remodeled and often imbalanced. We need to restore the balance to regain your function and give you tools to stay that way. 




Your core is a series of muscles that work together to keep you in good posture and give you strength and balance while you transfer energy generated when you move your body. 

Weakness in the core can happen quickly or over a long period of time. When we neglect our body and don’t work to maintain its balance it has to compensate. I call this a crutch to help it get down the road but eventually the wheels will “come off” and the car will STOP!!! I will help assess your core needs and balance and come up with a plan to get you back on balance and with all the wheels running in the same direction. 




Minor misalignments of the hips and knees can cause big problems here and in other areas. 

We are often able to correct these and resolve what seems like a problem that needs surgical intervention. Hip rotation is has a great deal of influence on the pelvis and low back mobility. If the hips don’t move the ow back and pelvis will be forced to work much harder. If we can’t help the problem we will discuss the best of place to refer you to get resolution for the condition. As we age we tend to be less active and when we are younger it is not uncommon to have problems with your hip motion.


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